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Shatter Brain are honoured to announce that we will be the lone support band for Max and Iggor Cavalera’s “Return Beneath Arise” show at The Gov, Adelaide, on Tuesday March 19th. The legendary brotherly duo that founded death/thrash metal legends Sepultura in Brazil in the mid-1980s will revisit two of their classic records: “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise”. To say that these albums have been in inspiration for Shatter Brain, both individually and collectively, would be a huge understatement. The ability to seamlessly blend the speed and aggression of thrash/death metal and punk, with headbanging grooves, is something that we are constantly striving to achieve, and the brothers captured this perfectly on these two albums.

Don’t miss your opportunity to witness this historic show. Head over to the Destroy All Lines website to grab your tickets now:

For all the latest information regarding this show, follow the Facebook event page here:

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