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Shatter Brain are proud to announce that they have signed with Italian label Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their album "Pitchfork Justice" on 01/05/2020. The band joins a diverse roster full of high-quality bands, including fellow Australians SUMERU and One Step Beyond. Pitchfork Justice was recorded and mixed by Jimmy Balderston at Ghostnote Recording Studios (Scott Kelly, Sumeru, Space Bong) in Adelaide, and mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio (Witchskull, YLVA, Space Bong). The incredible album artwork (below) was done by Adelaide local Steve Lehmann.

"Pitchfork Justice" cover artwork

"Pitchfork Justice" cover artwork

Pitchfork Justice contains nine cohesive songs that are a unique blend of sludge metal, old-school thrash, and hardcore, with modern and diverse vocals. The production is lively and bombastic, as well as punchy and aggressive, and the lyrics make a strong statement about the current state of the world, particularly around social media and PC culture.

Track Listing:

1. Talk in Fear

2. Lorem Ipsum

3. Pitchfork Justice

4. Choosing Beggars

5. Fencesitter

6. Noble Savagery

7. Silent Screams

8. Life Ephemeral…

9. Death Goes On

To accompany the announcement of the album, Shatter Brain have released the first single and video for the track "Talk in Fear" which is currently being premiered over at No Clean Singing:

The film clip was produced, filmed, and edited by Brett Hookham. It is a commentary on speech control and political correctness in the current social climate, and condemns the tolerance of extreme and exaggerated emotional reactions to actions or comments that are taken out of context.

Pre-orders for CD Digipack and vinyl versions of the album, as well as t-shirt and longsleeve bundles, are now available at the band's official online store:

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