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Shatter Brain have released a new music video from the song 'Lorem Ipsum', the second song from their debut album 'Pitchfork Justice'! Before you watch it, make sure you check out the pre-performance video here:

The performance video is currently being premiered over at No Clean Singing, or you can witch it below:

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, Shatter Brain exploited the magic of video conferencing software to live-stream a performance while each member was self-isolating in their own home. Some of the band's friends from the Adelaide metal scene joined the conference call to help with sound, lighting, and...uh, stage management... Lyrically 'Lorem Ipsum' is a commentary on the spread of misinformation and uninformed opinions that has been propagated by the evolution of the internet and social media; how appropriate. Luckily, the band remembered to press the record button and captured how it all unfolded.

'Pitchfork Justice' is available worldwide via Wormhole Death, The Orchard, and Aural Music Group:

Vinyl and merchandise available at the Shatter Brain Online Store:


Recorded and mixed by Jimmy Balderston at Ghostnote Recording Studios.

Mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio.

Filmed by Shatter Brain.

Produced by Shatter Brain and Adam Andersen at Ando Media Services.

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